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    vol.4: Kyoto Origami

    There are many Origami papers, but there is origami which can only be purchased in Kyoto!Kyoto origami is depicted p?c

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    vol.5: Kaomose, Kabuki

    One of the indispensable event at the year-end in Kyoto.That is "Kaomise(顔見世)".Kaomise is the entertainment of ?c

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    vol.6: Kaomose, Kabuki

    By the way, why the entertainment is called "Kaomise(顔見世)"?Kabuki actors in the Edo period had contracts for on?c

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    Speaking of okonomiyaki is famous in Osaka, but there are many good shops in Kyoto too.Okonomiyaki is like the savor?c

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    Vol.24:To those who want to go to sighc

    There are tourists who are in trouble because they do not know how to go to the sightseeing spots in Kyoto.Why do no?c

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    vol.26:★The fall colors have been appec

    The autumn leaves can be viewed in the second half of Noveber in Kyoto. The best time to see fall colors in Kyoto is?c

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    vol.27:The best 3 autumn festival to vc

    Have you planned where to go on November 23rd?I’m going to tell you the recommendation of autumn festival in Kyoto.?c

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    vol.29:Fantasitic Mitarai floating somc

    Do you know a topical photo in Kyoto on Instagram?There is in Yokoku-ji Temple.Mitarai means the place you purify yo?c

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    vol.31:The temple expels evil spirits c

    Do you know Kyoto’s winter tradition?Few tourists know this event,but locals love it.It is called “Daiko-taki” that ?c

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    vol.32:Must visit Temples & Shrinc

    A New Year Day has come!Of course most Japanese like Christmas, but they cherish a new year day more than it.Today, ?c

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