vol.29:Fantasitic Mitarai floating some flowers

Do you know a topical photo in Kyoto on Instagram?
There is in Yokoku-ji Temple.
Mitarai means the place you purify your mouth and hands before you pray.
The Yokokuji-Temple’s one is exceptional.
This temple is originally famous for hydrangea,but recently fantastic photo spot in this temple attracts people’s attention.

Andmore, “Kamisho-in yard” is also amazing.
The yard was used for filming movies and selected as a scenic beauty in Japan.
It’s usually opened on only every 17th, however you can enjoy seeing for a limited time.
It takes a long time to get there, but it must be worth!
Admission fee of Kamisho-in yard and Treasure Repository: 800yen
A.Take the Hankyu Line and get off at Nagaokatenjin Station.
B.Take the Hankyu Line and get off at Nishiyamatennozan Station.
C.Take the JR Line and get off at Nagaokakyo Station.
*It is available any of the three.
2) It takes about 60 minutes on foot from the station.
2)’ It takes about 10~15 minutes by taxi from the station. (1400 yen/one way)

Do you need more information?
You should receive such local information of Kyoto by an application “KoI APP”.
With this application, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can find nearby stores and so on.
You can install the application from the following URL.
Android app「KoI Service」is here.
iPhone app「KoI Service」is here.

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