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    vol.33:Sunrise on a New Year’s Day in c

    New Year (shogatsu or oshogatsu) is the most important holiday in Japan.January 1st is a quite auspicious day, best ?c

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    vol.124:Must See Dragon Ceiling Paintic

    In some temples, the dragon is depicted as the guardian deity of Buddhism. It is also drawn on folding screens and b?c

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    vol.51:Mixing Traditional Kabuki Perfoc

    Do you know Minamiza Hall in Shijo in Kyoto?The theater has 400 years of history and tradition.It had been under ref?c

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    vol55:Fireflies put on those spectaculc

    Have you ever seen fireflies in Kyoto?The image of flying fireflies is typical summer night for Japanese.They usuall?c

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    vol.41:The Best Places to See Plum Bloc

    We absolutely admire its utmost beauty plum blossom in Kyoto is an amazing outdoor experience.The plum is associated?c

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    vol.44:Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro (Flc

    In early to mid-March, the entire Higashiyama area in eastern Kyoto gears up to for the fun-filled night event known?c

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    Vol.24:To those who want to go to sighc

    There are tourists who are in trouble because they do not know how to go to the sightseeing spots in Kyoto.Why do no?c

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    vol.31:The temple expels evil spirits c

    Do you know Kyoto’s winter tradition?Few tourists know this event,but locals love it.It is called “Daiko-taki” that ?c

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    vol59:The Great Hydrangea Garden in Kyc

    The Great Hydrangea Garden in Kyoto.Last time, we introduced Mimurotoji temple known for its beautiful hydrangea.We’?c

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    vol.35:Splashed boiked water makes youc

    Are you looking for any events something unique in Kyoto?This weekend, Jyonan-gu Shrine(in Southern Kyoto) is going ?c

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