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    Vol.181:Mimurotoji Temple

    The rainy season will soon arrive.One of the ways to enjoy the rainy season is to go out and see the hydrangeas.This?c

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    Vol.180:Blue maple in Kyoto

    The cherry blossom season is over, and the season of blue maple leaves, a typical feature of early summer, has arriv?c

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    Vol.179:Uji City, associated with Murac

    It's getting warmer day by day.We would like to introduce Uji City as a spot to go out this spring.Uji City is famou?c

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    Vol.178:Weeping plum and camellia festc

    We can't wait for spring.February means the first day of spring.This is also the time when plums begin to bloom.When?c

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    Vol.177:Zodiac tapestry

    Happy new year.Thank you for your continued support this year.In January 2024, Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden ha?c

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    Vol.176:Next year’s zodiac sign c

    We have only a month left this year.2024 is the year of the dragon.In terms of the original zodiac sign, 2024 is the?c

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    Vol.174:Autumn leaves in Rurikoin tempc

    Sightseeing in Kyoto in autumn is about Autumn leaves.It is the most popular season for tourists.We would like to in?c

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    Vol.173:Seimei-sai Festival【Seimei-jinc

    Hot day continues, but how are you getting along?The season here in Japan is autumn,but it's still pretty early in t?c

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    Vol.172:The fireworks festival in the c

    Scorching summer heat continues day after day.The word "summer" reminds us of the sea and firework.We would like to ?c

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    Vol.170:Summer purification rites(heldc

    We wish the rainy season would end soon.Do you know "Nagoshi no Oharae" held at shrines on June 30?Nagoshi no Oharae?c

  1. Vol.181:Mimurotoji Temple


  2. Vol.180:Blue maple in Kyoto


  3. Vol.179:Uji City, associated with Murasaki Shikibu


  4. Vol.178:Weeping plum and camellia festival


  5. Vol.177:Zodiac tapestry