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    Vol.171:The Wind Chime Festival held ic

    It’s hot and humid these days. We hope you are staying dry.So, we would like to introduce "the Wind Chime Festival",?c

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    vol.155:Here are two events that are pc

    Did you know that there are days when 3,000 sky lanterns dance in the summer night sky of Kyoto?This is the 4th "Kyo?c

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    vol.153 Do you know “ChimakiRc

    When you hear "chimaki", many people think of "chimaki" made of glutinous rice, I am also one of them. In fact, "chi?c

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    vol.152:Do you know the flowers that ac

    Due to the influence of the coronavirus, the Float cruise, which is the highlightof the Gion Festival held in early ?c

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    vol.151:Special Nighttime Visit to Kyoc

    Kiyomizu TempleKiyomizu-dera is a major sightseeing spot in Kyoto. The precincts are full of attractions such as the?c

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    vol.139:2021 Toka Ebisu in Kyoto

    Every year on January 10th and two days before and after that, a lively festival is held in the downtown area of ​​K?c

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    vol.136:Kyoto Tradition “Daikotac

    For the people of Kyoto, the December tradition is the daikon radish "Daikotaki".There is a theory, but it comes fro?c

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    vol.135:Kyoto December Illuminations Ic

    Some of the illumination events that were held every year have been canceled this year to prevent the spread of infe?c

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    vol.134:The Autumn Leaves Hunting Nighc

    Kyoto is finally in the final stages of hunting for autumn leaves, but why don't you visit the "special night visit"?c

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    vol.132:Special Autumn Visit, Ruriko-ic

    Kyoto is getting colder day by day.As we approach the end of November, we are finally in the season of autumn leaves?c

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