vol.31:The temple expels evil spirits by eating radish!?

Do you know Kyoto’s winter tradition?
Few tourists know this event,but locals love it.
It is called “Daiko-taki” that is the annual event tradition in Kyoto.
“Daiko-taki” is an event against evils by placing on a Buddhist altar and treating boiled Japanese radish to visitors.
Its origin depends on each temple, though, originally, people celebrated that Buddha completely spiritually enlightened on December 8th.

Also, it is said that if you have hot boiled radish, you might not catch a cold.
This event has already begun, so please check where to go.

Pick up 2 recommended place
【Suzumushi-dera Temple】
This temple is quite popular with many people because of its benefits.
They said “The deity is responsive to prayers.”
This temple is around Arashiyama area.
If you go see its illumination this weekend, why don’t you visit there?
When・・・December 15th,16
Place・・・31 Matsumurojike-cho Nishigyo-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture

【Takoyakushi-do Temple(Eifuku-ji Temple)】
This temple is located on Teramachi street in Shijyokawaramachi
it’s in the middle of Kyoto City.
How about enjoy having hot radish at downtown
with other tourists and locals?
When・・・December 31st
Fee・・・1,000 yen *need to check
Place・・・503 Shinkyogoku street Takoyakushi-kudaru Higashigawa-cho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto City
Do you need more information?
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With this application, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can find nearby stores and so on.
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