vol.27:The best 3 autumn festival to visit

Have you planned where to go on November 23rd?
I’m going to tell you the recommendation of autumn festival in Kyoto.
*Jishu-Jinja Shrine*
They have great view of autumn leaves and is the oldest shrine in Kyoto for gods (kami) of love and relationships (En-musubi).
It might be a chance to encounter your destiny.
・Time 14:00~
・Admission Fee for Kiyomizudera-Temple: 300yen(Free for entrance of Kiyomizu Temple)
・Address: 317 Kiyomizu 1 Cho-me Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
・Access: From Bus Station at Kyoto Station to “Gojyozaka” on 86・206・100 line.

It’s been called “The best sacred place in Kyoto” through the ages.
They will hold “Kusuogi Kigankai” which pray confusion to the enemy and safty.
・Time 14:00~/15:00~
・Admission Fee: 500yen (Child 250yen)
・Address: 626 maruyama-cho Higashiyama-ku Kyoto city
・Access: Bus Station at Kyoto Station from D2 to “Gion” on the 206 line
This temple is famous for thriving business and Safety of Family.
You can see the beautiful autumn view at Bentendo.
・Time 13:00~
・Admission Fee: Free
・Address:18 Inariyama-cho Yamashina-ku Kyoto City
・Access: 20 minutes on foot from JR, Keihan “Yamashina” station


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