vol.32:Must visit Temples & Shrines Top 3!

A New Year Day has come!
Of course most Japanese like Christmas, but they cherish a new year day more than it.
Today, I’m going to tell you about the top 3 temples & shrines you should visit especially in 2019.
Do you know Ju-nishi?
Ju-nishi” is Chinese zodiac.
There are 12 animals, with one animal allocated to every year.
In 2019, the turn is on the boar.
So, I’ll tell you about the place related to its.
【Goou Jinjya Shinto Shrine】
This shrine is located in Kamigyo-ku.
The enshrined deities are Wake no Kiyomaro and his sister Hiromushi.
What is related to a boar?
Wake no Kiyomaro, a remarkably competent politician(766-799), break Dokyo’s overweening ambition.
Dokyo, a Buddhist monk, was furious, so cut Kiyomaro’s hamstrings and took him in hostage and sent to Kyushu area.
Dokyo tried to kill Wake no Kiyomaro while on a journey.
However 300 boars showed up from somewhere else and they protect him and guided to Kyushu.
After that, He arrived there with safe and his legs were cured.
There are so many structures of boar as a guardian deity of healthy legs.
Strong legs is an evidence of health.
Why don’t you pray for your parents or grandparents or your friends?
385 Karasuma-doriShimochojyachoOkakuencho, Kyoto Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Take 7 minutes from Marutamachi St. on Subway Karasuma line.
Infront of a bus stop of Karasuma Shimochojyacho on City Bus 51 line
Open hour


【Zunkyoan Marishitendou】
This temple is a one of Kenninji temple, found by a Zen priest from Mongolia.
The enshrined deity is Marishiten, a deity of victory.
What is related to a boar?
Marishiten is originally from India’s Buddhist and it is viewed as an incarnation of Marishiten who deified the heat haze.
Master craftsmen of Buddhist images created the statues that she stand on a boar or sit on seven boars.
No one can hurt the heat haze, that’s why many military generals believed in her.
It is recommended to the person who has an important events in 2019.
146 Komatsucho 4chome Yamatoojidorishijyokudaru Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Take 7 minutes from Gionshijyo St. on Keihan line
Take 10 minutes from Kawaramachi St. on Hankyu Kyoto line
Take 10 minutes from the bus stop of Kiyomizudou by City Bus
Open Hour


【Honpoji Temple】
This temple is located at Kamigyo-ku area and a high Buddhist priest found this.
It is also famous for the relation of some japanese artists.
What is related to a boar?
The enshrined deity is also Marishiten, a deity of victory.
There are shrine guardian boar statues in front of the main hall.
This temple’s yard is designated as a Scenic beauties (government-designated) .
If you want to meditate and let your mind calm, it must be a recommended place.
617 Teranouchinoboruhonpoujimae Ogawadori Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Take 15 minutes from Kuramaguchi St. on Subway Karasuma Line
Take 5 minutes from a bus top of Horikawateranouchi by City Bus
Open Hour
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