Speaking of okonomiyaki is famous in Osaka, but there are many good shops in Kyoto too.
Okonomiyaki is like the savory Japanese-style of cabbage pancake.

Okonomiyaki mixes ingredients such as chopped cabbage and seafood on a dough combined with wheat flour and duct, bake it on an iron plate, and eat it with sauce, mayonnaise, green laver, bonito flakes etc.

Okonomiyaki is made by mixing ingredientsis such as wheat flour, bonito flake broth, small cutted cabbage, fish species and so on.
We bake it on an iron plate. You eat it with sauce, mayonnaise, green laver, bonito flavor etc.
We love Okonomiyaki!

The very nice restaurant we went recently was “Okonomiyaki Arata Shijo Horikawa”.

The Okonomiyaki matches beer veryly, and secret sauce is used.

Arata HP

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