Vol.167:Famous places for cherry blossoms in Miyazu city(5)

Spring we have been waiting for a long time will be here soon.
Spring isa the cherry blossom season.
This time we would like to introduce cherry blossom spots in Miyazu City.

A single cherry tree in Matsuo(Matsuo-no-ippon sakure)

There is a single cherry tree at the terraced rice-fields overlooking Miyazu Bay in Matsuo, Miyazu city.
The area is in a heavy snowfall area, so cherry blossom season is later than other areas.
You can look at and enjoy the cherry blossom in Matsuo even after all the cherry blossoms in Kyoto city have fallen.
A cherry tree is in the beautiful location among the locals who really know.

Information of a single cherry tree in Matsuo(Matsuo-no-ippon sakure)

■Information of A single cherry tree in Matsuo(Matsuo-no-ippon sakure)
Location: Higashino, Miyazu City, Kyoto
Visiting hours: Anytime
Entrance fee: free
Access:About 40 minutes by car from Yosa-Amanohashidate IC

Nariai-ji Temple

There are as many as three thousand cherry trees(Yoshino cherry, Yamazakura, drooping cherry) on the grounds of the temple.
Recommended cherry blossom spot is around the five-storied pagoda painted vermillion.
You can view the great scenery, which has a beautiful contrast between vermilion and cherry-pink.
A limited Goshuin-cho (a seal stamp) in spring is available.

Information of Nariai-ji Temple

Location: 339 Nariaiji, Miyazu City, Kyoto
Visiting hours: 8:00-16:30
Entrance fee: 500 yen for adults, 200 yen for high and junior high school students, free for children below elementary school age.
Access:(1)About 25 minutes by taxi from Amanohashidate Station (2)About 50 minutes by boat and by Cable Car and by Climbing Bus from Amanohashidate Station


At Kasamatsu Park and Amanohashidate View Land, you can enjoy and .
At Kasamatsu Park, there are the restaurant having a fine view and the spots where you can play Pottery Throwing and ring a bell, which grants your wishes.
At Amanohashidate View Land, there is a small amusement park.

Information of Kasamatsu Park and Amanohashidate View Land

Kasamatsu Park
Location: Ogaki, Miyazu City, Kyoto
Business hours: 9:00-17:30 (*changes depending on the season)
Operating hours: (1)Cable car: 9:00-17:00 (2)Lift: 9:00-16:00 (*Closed from December to February)
Cable car or lift fare: 680 yen for adults (round trip), 340 yen for children (round trip)
Access: (1) About 25 minutes by route bus from Amanohashidate Station (2) About 17 minutes by Sightseeing boat and walking from Amanohashidate Station.
Amanohashidate View Land
Location: Monjyu 437, Miyazu City, Kyoto
Business hours: 9:00~17:00(2/21~7/20)、8:30~18:00(7/21~8/20)、9:00~17:00(8/21~10/20)、9:00~16:30(10/21~2/20)
Entrance fee:850 yen for adults、450 yen for children
Access: About 7 minutes on foot from Amanohashidate Station

Japan is about to have the nicest season.
Please check the latest information on the official website before going out.

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