vol.45:Your Guide to special trip with your kids in Kyoto!~International Kids Festival at Daruma Temple〜

Are you looking for something interesting experience in Kyoto?
Are you interested in Japanese culture?
There is an event that can be enjoyed for family.
Sakura Family Experience plan to hold the event that both parents and kids can enjoy and learn Japanese culture more with local people in Kyoto.
We know some sites in Kyoto aren’t enjoyable for young kids.
Local mothers in Kyoto with high educational and professional backgrounds provide the experience event designed for family with kids.
The experience course consists of two sight.
One is for parents,the other is for kids.
Experience staff care kids and provide some traditional work-shop for them.
Kids will have a lot of fun time and learn Japanese culture through some activities.
Parents also take cultural experience like zen meditation while kids are taking some activities.
Especially on March 29th &30th, the company plan to hold the weekend event.
There are a lot of experience to enjoy Japanese culture.
If you’d like to join this event, please make a reservation via their HP.

Kyoto Welcome Kids Week

Don’t miss these unforgettable experience!

Event contents

What to experience?
・Making matcha
・Hand Patterned Yuzen
・Japanese ink painting
・Making Japanese cloth button
・The kids tourism ambassadors tour
・Kimono Photo Shooting
・Ringing the temple’s bell
・Making origami (Folding Japanese paper)
Special plan for parents
Don’t you would like to concentrate to take zen meditation without any interruption?
This plan is for parents!
The Sakura Kids Club care of your kids and do some activities with them.
Parents are going to take a special matcha experience and zen meditation,while your kids communicate with local people.
They has a exquisite tea room and a garden
Although it’ll take about 30 minutes, many parents are satisfied with it.
March 29th PM13-15, 30th AM10-15
*Some shops open only on 30th.
5-minute walk from Enmachi St. on JR Sagano line
(Getting Enmachi St. takes about 9 minutes from Kyoto St.)
*Reservation Required

Do you need more information?

You should receive such local information of Kyoto by an application “KoI APP”.
With this application, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can find nearby stores and so on.
You can install the application from the following URL.
Android app「KoI Service」
iPhone app「KoI Service」

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