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    vol.46:Spring in Kyoto is nothing lessc

    The cherry blossoms usually bloom in the last week of March and the first two weeks of April in Kyoto.Barring any pr?c

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    vol.47:Itinerary of Cherry Blossoms Toc

    Kyoto has countless cherry blossom trees with thousands of cherry blossom viewing spots.In this year, cool temperatu?c

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    vol.49:Midnight Nenbutsu Memorial Servc

    Midnight Nenbutsu (Chanting Sutra) is a part of Gyoki Daie.Gyoki Daie is the largest and most important service held?c

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    vol.50:Why don’t you make memoric

    Ohara (大原, Ōhara) is a rural town nestled in the mountains of northern Kyoto, about one hour from Kyoto Station, b?c

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    vol.51:An event recommended during Golc

    ☆It sounds luxurious! What is “Golden Week”?Golden week is a week-long holiday in early May.It includes four nationa?c

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    vol.51:Mixing Traditional Kabuki Perfoc

    Do you know Minamiza Hall in Shijo in Kyoto?The theater has 400 years of history and tradition.It had been under ref?c

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    vol52: Impressed By The Great Blue Mapc

    Are you planning a trip to Kyoto in May?We recommend you to see the great blue maple and moss in the garden.May is o?c

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    vol53:Moss Phlox Festival takes place c

    Many people are looking forward to the bloom of cherry blossoms every year. Not only the normal Sakura but also Moss?c

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    vol55:Fireflies put on those spectaculc

    Have you ever seen fireflies in Kyoto?The image of flying fireflies is typical summer night for Japanese.They usuall?c

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    vol.56:Kyoto Day Trip Plan with Bus Onc

    Kyoto has a lot of shrines for good relationship.We’d like to pick some up for day trip and introduce them.So, let’s?c

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