vol53:Moss Phlox Festival takes place at Swiss-mura park.

Many people are looking forward to the bloom of cherry blossoms every year.
Not only the normal Sakura but also Moss Phlox-it is a popular flower in Japan.
It is a perennial of the family Polemoniaceae and a species of phlox.
It is exceptionally beautiful when a large number of moss phloxes bloom all over the park.

The best place to see Moss Phlox in Kyoto

You can see over 90 thousand moss phloxes blooming beautifully all over the large land in Swiss-mura park.
Plus, you can enjoy seeing over the western coast.
It must be a wonderful sight.

The park is located far from the Kyoto city though, if you rent the car or use a taxi,
it is a good place to get relaxed and enjoy viewing.
They have some camping place and bungalows.

2562,Yasaka cho Nonaka, Kyotango city, Kyoto
Open Hour:
Thursdays(No holidays in July and August)/May 19th
Donation Adult(Older than 12 years old)300 yen, Elementary school student 100yen
Parking lot:

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