Vol.173:Seimei-sai Festival【Seimei-jinja Shrine】

Hot day continues, but how are you getting along?
The season here in Japan is autumn,but it’s still pretty early in the autumn leaves season.
“Seimei-sai festival” is one of the special fall events in Kyoto.
The festival is held in Seimei-jinja Shrine, which enshrines Onmyoji Abeno Seimei, a famous professional practitioner of the Japanese esoteric cosmology.
“Seimei-sai festival” is a very important ritual.
One of the important elements of the festival is the procession, in which the deity of the shrine is carried through the city in Mikoshi or a special carriage of the deity.
We would like to introduce Seimei-jinja Shrine famous for warding off evil.

Seimei-jinja Shrine

The shrine dedicated to Onmyoji Abeno Seimei is popular for getting mystical, spiritual energy.
After a figure skater visited the shrine, he won the gold medal at the Olympic Games.
There are a lot of places, for example, a peach-shaped statue and a well with a five-pointed star(pentagram) to see in Seimei-jinja Shrine.

First torii gate

The tablet on the torii in Seimei-jinja Shrine reads ‘the Seimei bellflower crest’, for the crest looks like a Chinese bellflower.
The Seimei bellflower crest is also called Gobosei, and is a symbol of Seimei-jinja Shrine.
It is said that the Gobosei has been handed down as the talisman to ward off evil spirits in Onmyodo.

Old Ichijo Modori-bashi Bridge

The bridge is a famous place, where Seimei brought his father back to life with his magic.

Main Hall

Onmyoji Abeno Seimei is enshrined at a main hall.


There is a gold statue shaped like a peach, which is called ”Yakuyoke-momo”.
According to a tradition in China and in Onmyodo, the peach is regarded as an amulet or a charm against bad luck.
If you touch the statue, you escape from a greater evil.

A well with a five-pointed star

A well with a five-pointed star is the best part.
There is an episode that Abeno Seimei
If you drink the well water, you will be protected from disease.

◆Information of Seimei-jinja Shrine◆
Visiting hours:9:00~17:00
Location:806 Kamigyo-ku kyoto city, Kyoto
Entrance fee:free
Event dates(Seimei-sai festival):
9/22 19:00~
9/23 10:00~

Please check the latest information on the official website before going out.

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