vol59:The Great Hydrangea Garden in Kyoto.

The Great Hydrangea Garden in Kyoto.
Last time, we introduced Mimurotoji temple known for its beautiful hydrangea.
We’d like to let you know the three gardens where is famous one in Kyoto.
The time for blooming is now, but the peak will on this weekend, June 22nd (Sat) this year.

Do you know the language of Hydrangea?
It is “Harmonious” or “Peaceful Family”, though it has several meanings.
The temples we introduce host its Hydrangea Festival so please stand by and enjoy it with your family or dates.

1.Yanagitani Kan’non Yokokuji

We’ve introduced Yokokuji Temple on our HP before. Yokokuji Temple gets popular more and more on Instagram these days because its Mitarai is quite fascinating.
This temple is originally famous for its hydrangea and special events during hydrangea season.
Yokokuji Temple hosts Hydrangea Festival and Hydrangea week in June.
The temple holds special openings of its garden, Kamisho-in Garden, during Hydrangea week.
It’s usually opened on only every 17th, however you can enjoy seeing for a limited time.
It takes a long time to get there, but it must be worth!

・Hydrangea Week June 8th ~July 7th Admission Fee 300 yen
・Hydrangea Festival June23rd(Sun) 10:00~15:30 Admission Fee 300 yen

2, Jyododani Donotani, Nagaoka kyō city,Kyoto
A.Take the Hankyu Line and get off at Nagaokatenjin Station.
B.Take the Hankyu Line and get off at Nishiyamatennozan Station.
C.Take the JR Line and get off at Nagaokakyo Station.
*It is available any of the three.
2) It takes about 60 minutes on foot from the station.
2)’ It takes about 10~15 minutes by taxi from the station. (1400 yen/one way)
3)The temple offers shuttle bus.
Official HP:
Yanagidani Kan’non Yokokuji Temple
*Only in Japanese

2.Hydrangea Festival at Sanzen-in

Sanzen-in in northern Kyoto holds Hydrangea Festival from June 15th to July 13rd.
Its garden has rare type hydrangea like star-shaped or heart-shaped hydrangeas. There are a lot of hydrangea serrata and hydrangea macrophylla in the garden.

The temple also holds a charity event during the same term.
The ink writings written by priests of Zen are sold there.
The works express not only its beauty of writing but excellent wisdom of Zen.

Hydrangea Festival/Charity Event
June 15th~July 13th Admission Fee 700 yen

540, Ōhara raigō-in chō, Sakyō ku, Kyoto
10-minute walk from “Ohara” bus stop on the Kyoto Bus #17 at Kyoto Station
10-minute walk from “Ohara” bus stop on the Kyoto Bus #10,16,17 at Demachi yanagi Station
10-minute walk from “Ohara” bus stop on the Kyoto Bus #10, 16-19 at Yase Hieiyamaguchi Station
Admission Fee:
700 yen (Adult), 400 yen (Older than 12-year old ), 150 yen (Older than 6-year old)
Official HP:
Hydrangea Festival at Sanzen-in
*Only in Japanese

3.Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa

Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa in south side of Shimogamo-jinja shrine.
It was established as a villa for wealthy merchant: Mitsui Family in 1925.
This building specially will open to the public for free during hydrangea seasons.
Over 1,700 people visited last year for one day.
In this year, the event will be held for four days, June 15th,16th,22nd, 23rd.
They offers seasonal sweets set like Japanese sweets and maccha green tea at café in site.
It makes for a wonderful day full of culture and luxury.

58-2, Shimogamo Miyagawa chō, Sakyō ku, Kyoto
5-minute walk from Aoibashi Nishidume bus stop on the Kyoto City Bus #1,37,205
3-minute walk from Demachiyanagi St.bus stop on the Kyoto City Bus #1,4,17,102,201,203
5-minute walk from Keihan Railway and Eizan Railway Demachiyanagi St.
9:00~17:00(Admission until 16:30)
Admission Fee:
Free on June 15th,16th,22nd, 23rd.
Official HP:
Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo
*Only in Japanese

Do you need more information?

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With this application, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can find nearby stores and so on.
You can install the application from the following URL.

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