Vol.172:The fireworks festival in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture

Scorching summer heat continues day after day.
The word “summer” reminds us of the sea and firework.
We would like to introduce summer events in Kyoto by the sea.

Miyazu-toro-nagashi-hanabi-taikai (Miyazu Fireworks)

For the first time in four years, the biggest summer event,”Floating Lantern and fireworks festival”, in Miyazu city will be held on August 16th.

There are tow boats called shorobune and about 10,000 red and white lanterns on Miyazu Bay, and about 3,000 fireworks are launched in the night sky.
This is one of the three great floating Lanterns in Japan.
You can enjoy watching lights at not only the night sky but also the sea.

You can also feel the sound of fireworks in your bady at this event.
The venue is surrounded by hills on three sides, so the sound echoes.
You cannot feel the sound at another fireworks festival.

After the fireworks display finish, people start dancing traditional Japanese dance called Bon Odori Dance.

Information of Miyazu-toro-nagashi-hanabi-taikai (Miyazu Fireworks)

Event date: 16/08/2023
Location: Shimasaki park
19:20~ floating Lanterns
19:50~ fireworks
Entrance fee: Free

Ine-hanabi-taikai (Ine Fireworks)

The fireworks festival is held in Ine Town famous for Funaya Houses.
You can watch the movie on a big screen on the sea at this event.
Why don’t you visit Ine Town as the last summer event to enjoy the fireworks festival?

Ine-hanabi-taikai (Ine Fireworks)

Event date: 26/08/2023
Location: Shitimensan parking
The hours for that event:17:00~21:00
screening time:18:50~
Entrance fee: Free

Please check the latest information on the official website before going out.

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