vol.34:A Winter Festival in Kyoto

Do you know the famous winter festival in Kyoto?
If you want to join the popular event in Kyoto, don’t miss this event!
“To-ka Ebisu Festival” is famous for its miraculous efficacy of a prosperous business, safety of the family, and luck of money.
Many people who run any business, want to move up the career ladder, or want to become acquainted with people as much as possible join this “To-ka Festival”.
Toka-Ebisu :A festival held on January 10 in honor of Ebisu, the god of wealth),for three days before and after January 10 every year at Ebisu-jinjya Shrine. It is specific to the Kansai region and regarded as bringing luck.
・Yasaka-jinjya Shrine January 9th-10th
・Kyoto Ebisu-jinjya Shrine January 8th-12th

Fuku-zasa (A fortune ornament:Bamboo grass)
It costs 3,000yen.
Bamboo grasses are regarded a luckey ornament because it grows quite fast and straight and its color is always green (never died).
Visitors can get it from actress or Maiko.*Limited Time

Unique Manner
Visitor should knock on the door at Main building after praying.
Visitor should enter the Omote mon (Front gate) and exit Ura mon(Back gate).

Schedule/ Crowds
January 8thー9:00〜23:00・・・Better
January 9thー9:00〜all Night・・・Crowded a little
January 10thーAll Day and Night・・・Crowded
January 11thー〜24:00・・・Crowded a little
January 12thー9:00〜23:00・・・Better

Yasaka-jinjya Shrine /625 Gion-cho north sides, higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
Kyoto Ebisu-jinjya Shrine/125 Komatsu-cho,Higashi yama Ward, Kyoto City
About 6 minutes walk from Gion Shijyo Station on Keihan Line
About 8 minutes walk from Kawaramachi Station on Hankyu Line
About 5 minutes walk from Shijyo Keihan mae Bus stop on City Bus (Line on 31・46・201・203・207)


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