Vol.171:The Wind Chime Festival held in the temple in Kyoto

It’s hot and humid these days. We hope you are staying dry.
So, we would like to introduce “the Wind Chime Festival”, where you may can feel a coolness.

The Wind Chime Festival

The festival is held at Shojyu-in Temple in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture.
The temple is in Ujitawara-cho where the temperature is about 5℃ lower than in the city of Kyoto.
About 2,000 wind chimes are displayed in the precincts, and you can hear the clear and refreshing sound of the wind chimes.
In the main hall, you can see various wind chimes collected from all 47 prefectures.
The temple is also called Furin (wind chime) temple.

There are two reasons why the festival started.
First,the chief priest of Shojyu-in temple wants visiters to feel a coolness with five senses(touch)(taste)(hearing)(eyesight)(smell).
Secondly,wind chimes protect the goddess against evils.

The pattern of wind chimes are changed depending on the season.
From Jun 1st to the beginning of July:hydrangea pattern
From the beginning of July to late August:Sunflower pattern
From the beginning of September to September:Cosmos pattern

You can enjoy the wind chime painting event, and take it home as a souvenir.

Information of the Wind Chime Festival

Event dates:6/1~9/18(※except8/17)
Visiting hours:9:00~16:30
Location:149 Oku Yamada Kawakami, Ujitawara-cho tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto
Entrance fee:800yen

There are many other attractions in Shojyu-in Temple.
There is the heart-shaped window called Inome-window in the reception hall.
It has been a hot topic on social media for a while now.
Please check the latest information on the official website before going out.

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