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    vol.126:What To See in Kifune Shrine

    Continuing from the last time, I will introduce the highlights of the Kifune Shrine.Why are so many worshipers visit?c

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    vol.125:Priest Guides Kibune Shrine

    Kibune Shrine, located in the north of Kyoto City, has been worshiped as the god of the Mizukami Festival Palace sin?c

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    vol.124:Must See Dragon Ceiling Paintic

    In some temples, the dragon is depicted as the guardian deity of Buddhism. It is also drawn on folding screens and b?c

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    vol.122:Kyoto Photo Spots

    Everyone thinks someday I want to go.And there is a landscape that I want to capture in the photo.Among the superb v?c

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    vol.117:Motifs In Kyoto

    What do you see while you strolling the temples or shrines?It would be white sand, the position of stones, or beauti?c

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    vol.116:Three Zen Garden Make You Peacc

    As you approach the Zen Garden, You will instantly find yourself cast away into a world of tranquillity. Close your ?c

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    vol.115:Two Power Spots in Kyoto

    Seimei ShrineSeimei Shrine is dedicated to the Heian Period court astrologer, cosmologist and astronomer Abe no Seim?c

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    vol.114:Gion Matsuri Festival

    Gion Matsuri Festival is one of the most prominent festivals in Japan and the symbol of July in Kyoto. The excitemen?c

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    vol.113: Lotus Flower Viewing

    One of the many famous flowers that begin to bloom in July is the lotus flower. A beautiful flower that has been pop?c

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    vol.112:The Ancient Aqueduct Location

    When in Kyoto be sure to visit the large brick aqueduct that passes through the Nanzenji Temple grounds. Built duri?c

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