Notice on winning the 7th “Kyoto Women Entrepreneur Award”

On February 16, 2019, the award ceremony for the 7th “Kyoto Women Entrepreneur Award” was held at Campus Plaza Kyoto.
Kayoko Katsurada, the reader of Kyonaka GOZAN group, received the “Tohmatsu Venture Support (TVS) Innovation By Woman Award”.
The award business is ‘KoI Service’ to attract foreign tourists to stores.
This business model aims for ‘Shihou yoshi’ (benefit for for the shop, the visitor, society, and the vendor).
To further scale up, we will continue to strive more and more.
We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.
Also we would greatly appreciate if you can cooperate with the use / publicity of the application.

Do you need more information?

You should receive such local information of Kyoto by an application “KoI APP”.
With this application, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can find nearby stores and so on.
You can install the application from the following URL.
Android app「KoI Service」
iPhone app「KoI Service」


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