vol54:Beat the Heat! Warning the heat illness for Tourists to Kyoto.

The Kyoto public institution has issued a heat advisory for both residents and tourists in Kyoto, anticipating dangerous heat and humidity this weekend.
Temperature will be sizzle throughout this weekend, also said Japan Meteorological Agency.
According to them, about 1,550 people were taken away by ambulance because of heat illness in Kyoto last year.
The number generally higher in July and August but we need to pay attention what to deal with on the hot day in May.
The heat illness is happened not only outside on a hot day but inside or night time.
We recommend you know about how to deal with the illness to prevent making it worse.

What can I do to prevent heat-related illnesses?

According to the Environment Ministry, heat-related illnesses are caused by the failure of bodily functions meant to have a cooling effect because of reduced sweating and blood flow.
Please check out the point of preventing the heat illness.

1.Avoid exposure to extremely high temperatures.
2.Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and consuming sodium.
3.Take a plenty of rest if you feel sick.
4.Wearing light, cool clothes and hat or using an UV umbrella when going outside.

What to care about during the trip

The significant difference of temperature between outside and inside may affects the automatic system.
It is good to stay inside like stores or cafes between 10:00 a.m. to 15:00 because it gets hotter and hotter.
Also, getting on a bus or taxi is better than walking around.
Please keep in mind that the heat and humid make your body exhausted more than usual, so avoid exploring outside longer.

What to wear for preventing heat illness

According to the Environment Ministry, wearing cool and light clothes is good for the heat illness.
But what is the “Cool and Light clothes”?
We summarized the points of them.

・Material of clothes
Cotton, Linen, Polyester; Quick dry and quick absorption
Loosely fitted; breezy wind blowing thorough between body and clothes.
Wight and light color don’t absorb heat. Black and dark color absorb heat more but they prevent UV. So you need to think about the combination of them.
・Under wear:
It is efficient to wear an under wear which is quick dry and quick absorption to help swear dry.

What to bring the item for trip in Kyoto

Elderly people, infants, and those who is sick are more affected by the heat illness.
Research institute said the men in any generation are affected by it.
If you travel to Kyoto with family, it is good idea to bring or buy some items for the heat illness.

・UV umbrella
・Candy or tablet for intaking salt
・Spots drink, water, wheat tea
・Convenient ice pack items

We know you don’t want to bring them, but just in case your family gets sick because of heat.
These items are useful for first aid.

What can I do when family or friends get the heat illness?

Unfortunately, it might be happened to get the heat illness even if you care about it.
Please deal with by following the steps below.

1.Move in the shadow or cooler place.
2.Loose the clothes and put a wet towel or an ice pack on the neck, under the sides, and groin.
3.Drink plenty of water like sports drink and take some salt.
4.Visit the hospital if the condition is still bad.
*Don’t hesitate call an ambulance “119” if he/she loses consciousness or is unable to drink independently.

Heat-related illnesses is preventable, but it’s important to identify the warning signs and to react swiftly and appropriately when they arise.
We hope you learn the basic knowledge on the heat illness and how to prevent it.

Have a good trip!

The Environment Ministry’s website for heat-related illness prevention:

Do you need more information?

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With this application, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can find nearby stores and so on.
You can install the application from the following URL.

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