vol.57:Mimurotoji, a Spot Viewing Kyoto’s Hydrangeas in June

The rainy season in Kyoto spans from the middle of June to July.
For some people, the thought of selecting the best outfit on a drizzly, humid day is enough to make them avoid going out altogether.
But don’t worry, stay from Kyoto’s central area and you will be rewarded with magnificent, wide-open spaces splashed with every color. Put your rain boots on and head to one of the best spots for viewing Japan’s rainy season flower: the hydrangea.

Mimurotoji Temple

Regardless of whether you have been to Uji area, Kyoto, Mimurotoji is likely a temple you have seen before.
Thanks to its beautiful hydrangeas, or ajisai in Japanese, the temple has earned the nickname Ajisai-dera (hydrangea temple).
The gate seen from the hydrangea garden is one of the most photographed places.
The extensive garden features thousands of hydrangea plants spread out to make for a pleasant stroll among the cedar trees.
Over fifty different types of hydrangea are represented, ranging in color from cool blues to shockingly vibrant fuchsia.

Mimurotoji is also known for the beautiful lotus.
Raindrops on the leaf of lotus looks like a shinny mercury.
If you have chance to see them, don’t miss that.

There is a daytime viewing option and the evening illumination one.
The evening time viewing, which is only the selected weekends in June*, is quite crowded.
If you do not like to be in a crowd, day time will be better.
You also need to take taxi or drive there, as there will be no buss services after 7 p.m.
The special bus by Keihan for 2019 season is released.
*The evening illumination is held on June 15th,16th, 22nd,23rd from 19:00 to 20:30.


21 Todō shigatani, Uji city, Kyoto
(until 16:30 from April to October); admission ends 30 minutes before closing time
(Regular Time)
500 yen (Adult), 300 yen (Child)
(From June1st to July 7th)
800 yen (Adult), 400 yen (Younger than 15-year old)
15-minute walk from Mimurodo St. on the Keihan line
Special Bus Service:
Available on June 15th,16th, 22nd,23rd /10:00~15:00
It runs from Uji Station (Both JR and Keihan Line).

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