vol.115:Two Power Spots in Kyoto

Seimei Shrine

Seimei Shrine is dedicated to the Heian Period court astrologer, cosmologist and astronomer Abe no Seimei and thought to improve the fortune and prevent the bad luck. In Japan, Abe no Seimei was featured by some movies, comics, and games. Thus the young generation knew and love him. Plus, the famous figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu has been the shrine. influence of him, the shrine was flooded with visitors.

The pentacle, known locally as a Seimei-star, is an important symbol found on many parts of the shrine. The motif symbolizes the Five Chinese Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Abe used it for warding off evil and the misfortune of unlucky directions.

The shrine has Seimei well which is shaped pentacle. According to history, the water from the well had been dug by Abe no Seimei using his spiritual power. People believe that drinking water makes their body purified.

The peach-shaped object is also popular. Peaches are considered as fruits for warding off the evils and bad lucks. People pat the peach to put the misfortunes on.

Mikane shrine

Mikane shrine is located in the middle of the city, Kyoto. It is not spectacular nor gorgeous at all as a sightseeing spot, but many people visit there because of its miraculous power to make prayers’ wishes come true. The God here is Kaneyama-hiko-no-kami, the God of gold, silver, copper, and all of the metrical things.

The town the shrine located has been flourished as a foundry since the Heian period. People were praying for success in the mining business, and then that tradition gradually extended to those who were in related occupations such as swordsmith, blacksmith.

The fortune wallet is the most popular item which is sold by the shrine and it’s sometimes sold out. In fact, there are a number of people who won the lotteries by visiting this shrine before buying lottery tickets. You can see many people made their appreciations on the votive tablets.

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