vol.110:Beautiful Hydrangea Garden Mimuroto Temple

Even after the end of the state of emergency, people in the entire country are requested to exercise social distancing and refrain from visiting crowded and badly ventilated places.
Although the virus has not spread in Kyoto at an explosive rate as seen in other prefectures, the government declared a state of emergency in April. After a decrease in new infections, the state of emergency was fully lifted on May 25th. Kyoto prefecture declared that they gradually accept the tourists to come to Kyoto since June 19th. So the most popular tourist attractions are now starting to re-open. They make a big effort in preventing various and customers’ safety.

However, it is quite difficult for you to visit Kyoto for sightseeing. So we’d like to share a live view in Kyoto. The vlog offers you a current situation in Kyoto. We hope you enjoy a scenic view like taking a walk.

Our staff was shooting it on June 9th, 2020.
There were few people in the morning but the number of tourists got higher after the staff left. People were able to take the distance on the site so they enjoyed seeing the beautiful garden. The hydrangeas are beginning of blooming, three-quarters in bloom. Mimurodo temple is also famous for its beautiful lotus in July. Don’t miss it to see.

KoI Service tries our best to update the latest information, however, it might change day by day. Also, the article we uploaded is for tourists to enjoy seeing the view during the stay home. We hope every tourist will come back to Kyoto after the situation settles down.

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