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    vol.57:Mimurotoji, a Spot Viewing Kyotc

    The rainy season in Kyoto spans from the middle of June to July.For some people, the thought of selecting the best o?c

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    vol59:The Great Hydrangea Garden in Kyc

    The Great Hydrangea Garden in Kyoto.Last time, we introduced Mimurotoji temple known for its beautiful hydrangea.We’?c

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    vol74:Kyoto Beautiful Flower Scenery ic

    We admire its beauty cosmos blossom in Kyoto is a great outdoor experience.In most areas of Kyoto, they typically fl?c

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    vol.80:It’s kind a soap opera!? The Rec

    Do you happen to know a diagram of penguins in Kyoto Aquarium?It became a big topic trend on twitter in Japan and sh?c

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    vol.82:The Report of Visiting Ruriko-ic

    Ruriko-in temple located at the northern part of Kyoto city is the one of the most popular autumn leaves spots in Ky?c

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    vol.83:Two Spots Where to Visit in Ujic

    Uji (宇治) is a small city situated between Kyoto and Nara, rich in Heian-period culture.Its main claims are Byodo-i?c

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    vol.84:Kyoto Illumination Event 2019

    Falling leaves and crips winter winds turn the old town in to a winter landscape.Less the number of the tourists mak?c

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    vol.87:Otoyo Shrine Must Be Visited inc

    This year has almost ended and it’s time to welcome the new year, 2020.A new year day is the most important holiday ?c

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    vol.93: Chion-Ji Handicraft Market

    Kyoto has some flea markets held every month, one is the Toji flea market held on the 21st of each month at Toji Tem?c

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    vol.94:The Popular Floating Flowers inc

    Do you happen to know the floating flowers in a basin at a Buddhist temple in Kyoto?Some temples decorate the basin ?c

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