vol74:Kyoto Beautiful Flower Scenery in Fall

We admire its beauty cosmos blossom in Kyoto is a great outdoor experience.
In most areas of Kyoto, they typically flower in Late September to the end of October.
Cosmos come in many varieties and range in color from white to dark pink.

This time, we’d like to recommend you explore the blossoms in the public parks or gardens.

Kameoka Yume Cosmos Park/ Kyoto Tamba

The city of Kameoka is located approximately 30 minutes by train to the west of Kyoto City.
Every fall, the town opens cosmos park, Kameoka Yume Cosmos Park, where about 20 kinds of 8 million cosmos bloom.
The season of them is around mid October but some kinds of them blooms early.
There are some vendors that sell local foods and crafts.

This is early bloom cosmos “Picotee”.


Anagawa Nomizu, Yoshikawa cho, Kameoka city, Kyoto
September 21st ~ October 27th *Open every day
9:00~16:00 close reception (~16:30 on holidays)
Admission Fee:
500 yen per an adult (600 yen on holidays), 300 yen per a child
Get off “Kameoka” St. on Sagano Line Ex., then in front of the “Undōkoen mae (運動公園前)” bus stop on the Keihan Kotsu Bus #34, 40, 59 at Kameoka St.
(Extra Buses run on holidays)

Takao Parkway / Arashiyama

Located in mountainous area north of downtown Kyoto, Arashiyama Takao Parkway is a 10 km scenic drive toll road connecting Arashiyama and Takao.
The park opens Cosmos Park on September 28th and about 80 thousands of cosmos bloom in the season.
It is a great photo spot because they are surrounded by the mountain.
You can come with your dog if you keep the leash with you.
In the area, there is Jingoji Temple designated as world heritage, so why don’t you visit there if you have time.


8 Sagatorii Motosenno cho,Ukyo ku, Kyoto(Arashiyama Kiyotakiguchi Gate)
11 Umegatake-shasha cho, Ukyo ku, Kyoto(Takaoguchi Gate)
September 28th ~ the end of the season
10:00~16:00 (Parkway opens 9:00~19:00, ~20:00 iin November)
Admission Fee:
Free (Charged Parkway entrance fee; 1,180 yen/ 1,200 yen since October)

Kyoto Botanical Garden

The Kyoto Botanical Garden, also known as the Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden, is a major botanical garden with conservatory located Kyoto, Japan.
About 30 kinds of 5,000 cosmos bloom on the flower field.
Though the spot is not so large, it’s convenient to visit and have relaxed spot.
Around mid October, roses are also in the season, so you can enjoy both beautiful cosmos and roses.
At the middle of the site is a space with lawn, where visitors can have a picnic lunch.


Hangi cho, Shimogamo, Sakyo ku, Kyoto
Mid. of October ~ the early of November
9:00~17:00(Last Entry 16:00)
Admission Fee:
200 yen per an adult, 150 yen per an high school student
*Admission is free for children, junior high school students, senior citizens (70 years and older), and those in possessions of their physical disability handbook.
・1-minute walk from “Kitayama” St. in Karasuma Subway line
・10-minute walk from “Kitaōji” St. in Karasuma Subway line
・5-minute walk from “Shokubutsuen mae” bus stop on Kyoto Bus at Kyoto Station

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