vol.51:Mixing Traditional Kabuki Performance with Cutting-edge Technology

Do you know Minamiza Hall in Shijo in Kyoto?
The theater has 400 years of history and tradition.
It had been under refurbishment until last November.
After that, it has renovated not only building but the program.

“Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019(Kyoto Future Festival 2019)”

“Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019(Kyoto Future Festival 2019)” will be held at Minamiza Hall
This event offers a new experience that combines the latest technology and modern culture.
Shochiku teamed up with creative ones such as ASOBISYSTEM and NAKED Inc. to make a future festival space.
A huge waterfall (using real water) will provide the centerpiece for some Japanese-themed projection mapping and a summer yuka terrace will be set up alongside the flowing water, recreating a summer Kyoto riverbank scene.
The event is divided into two parts.
Unfortunately, the first half’s already done.
The second half is held from May 12th to 25th, and it has two part;
Hiru Matsuri ( Day Festival) and Yoru Matsuri (Night Festival).


What to see 1

At the Japanese festival, there are rows of stalls called “Demise.”
Apart from the food, things representing Demise at the Japanese festival may include a shooting game, catching goldfish and choosing a mask.
You can enjoy them with the latest technology.
What’s the latest technology?
Please imagine that you’re in the SF movie.
The pilots controls some panels in the air or call to someone with hologram.
It seems magic, but you can experience it.
There are three typical games in this event and of course, there aren’t real objects.
In the shooting game, you use your ginger instead of the gun.
You aim the goods and say “Bang!”. If it were hit, you would get points.
One more unique thing, Choosing the mask.
This game let your face turn into the cotton candy or pecked by goldfish….!
You can take some instagrammy shots.

What to see 2

The collaboration of Kabuki and the latest technology.
You can enjoy Minamiza theater and Kabuki with AR (Augmented Reality).
AR is the thing like a Pocket Monster, some images are showed up on the real world via computer.
By using this, the popular kabuki program will show on there and famous kabuki actor played on it. So it must be a fascinating thing.
The event offers experience-based exhibition which is enjoyable image space.
By one step, the cherry blossoms thrown up, and the exhibition will be completed when you clap your hands or move your body in front of the screen of the kabuki drama.

What to see 3

You will be able to enjoy eating and drinking in the event.
The traditional fine dining, such as the local cuisine of Kyoto, popular restaurant dishes, and beverages by Suntory while watching the project mapping onto the waterfall.
The restaurants opens depends on the date.
Please check the details on HP.
The project mapping or illuminating has got popular in Kyoto these days.
However, the event like that is still rare.
Don’t miss the unique event in May in Kyoto.

Event Information

Kyoto Shijo Minamiza theater
(〒605-0075 Shijo street, 198, Yamato oji nishi’iru nakanocho, Higashiyama ku, Kyoto)
3 minute walk from Exit 1 of Kawaramachi St. on the Hankyu line
Right in front of Exit 6 of Gion Shijo St. on the Keihan line
Day Festival (5/12~5/25, 11:00~17:30)
Night Festival(5/12~5/24)
Weekday Night(Mon.~Thur.)18:30~22:00 
※Last enter 21:00
※L.O./DJ Time end 21:30
Weekend Special Night(Fri.,Sat.,Sun.) 18:30~23:00 
※Last enter 22:00
※L.O./DJ Time end 22:30
Day Festival:
All Day ¥2000(Adult)/¥1000(Child)
*Included one drink
Night Festival:
Weekday Night(Mon.~Thur.) ¥2000
Weekend Special Night(Fri.,Sat.,Sun.) ¥3000
*Included one drink
Ticket info.
Ticket Box at Minamiza or some ticket web sites


Do you need more information?

You should receive such local information of Kyoto by an application “KoI APP”.
With this application, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can find nearby stores and so on.
You can install the application from the following URL.
Android app「KoI Service」
iPhone app「KoI Service」

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