vol.70:Hassaku Festival at Matsunoo Shrine

Matsuno’o Taisha, sometimes known as Matsuo, is an ancient shrine located near Arashiyama, Kyoto.
The shrine is going to hold Hassaku Festival on September 1st.

The Hassaku Festival is annually held on the first day of the eighth lunar month. This is a time of year when farmers frequently suffered damage from typhoons or insect pests.
Even now, September is a kind of Typhoon season in Japan so people offer the first ears of rice of the season to pray for good harvests.

Some interesting events are held on that day.
If you are interested in Japanese culture, it must make you satisfied.

A ritual sumo performance /8:00~

Hassaku Sumo performance is a sumo wrestling, a Japanese national sport, for dedication to the gods on Hassaku day.
A grand sumo tournament will be held by elementary school students and some babies make a stand on the ring.
Babies do sumo with a god, which made it possible to receive health.

A women’s mikoshi (portable shrine) /8:30~

It is a rare for only women to carry the portable shrine in Japan because women are usually prohibited to touch even the handle of portable shrine.
Apart from that, Fujinomori Shrine and Takino’o Shrine hold a women’s mikoshi.
Those who are a member of Yamabukikai have a right to carry mikoshi and every woman (not only japanese) loves festival can join it.

The Sagano Rokusai Nenbutsu traditional folk dances/16:00~

It is said that Kuya priest offered the folk dance in front of the gods on the first time in Heian era.
The Rokusai Nenbutsu is designated as a Intangible cultural properties.
Performers wear a lion mask and dance for more than an hour.
It is very gorgeous and exciting event.


September 1st, 2019
3, Arashiyamamiyamachi, Nishikyo ku, Kyoto
・3-minute walk from “Matsuno’o Taisha mae (松尾大社前)” bus stop on the Kyoto City Bus #28 at Kyoto Station
・JR Kyoto Station →Shijo St. on Karasuma Subway line →Katsura St. on Hankyu line→3-minute walk from Matsuno’o St. on Hankyu Arashiyama line
Admission Fee:

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