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    vol.143:Mountain Tour of Mt. Inari

    Fushimi Inari Taisha, a power spot in Kyoto, is close to Kyoto Station and is easily accessible by train in about 10?c

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    vol.142:Let’s take a walk in thec

    Continuing from the last time, we will introduce the spots you should visit in Fushimi.If you want to see the local ?c

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    vol.141:Fushimi A Retro Town

    Speaking of sightseeing in Kyoto, the Higashiyama area around Kiyomizu-dera and Gion, and the Arashiyama and Sagano ?c

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    vol.140:Amabie Red Stamp Charm

    The red stamp depicting the mysterious youkai "Amabie", which is said to contain the plague, is secretly popular.Eve?c

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    vol.138:First Visit Spot Kyoto 2021

    Do you know what the zodiac sign is?It is said that you can get lucky by visiting the shrines and temples associated?c

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    vol.137:2New Year’s Eve to end tc

    Did you know that New Year's Eve is also known as "Jojitsu"?"Exclusion" means "throw away the old ones and move to t?c

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    vol.133:The Best Kyoto X Autumn Leavesc

    Autumn leaves are the best way to see Kyoto in autumn.Famous autumn leaves spots are introduced in each area,"I want?c

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    vol.131:Autumn Arashiyama Tour

    Arashiyama is very popular all seasons.Though the autumn is crowded with many tourists, we’d like to recommend the t?c

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    vol.130:Temple Art

    Since ancient times, temples and painters have been closely related, and many artists have dedicated the Bird-and-fl?c

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    vol.127:Popular Museum in Kyoto

    How about a trip to feel the beauty of the ancient city, including not only the exhibits but also the architecture a?c

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